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Every year, it’s important for women to have a full gynecological exam to assess their reproductive health. The OB/GYN providers at Femcare Medical Associates can help women at their locations in Pomona and Ontario, California. The well-woman exam is a preventive care service that includes routine tests and lab work to account for each woman’s specific health needs. Call or use the online tool to schedule a well-woman exam.

Well Woman Exams Q & A

What is a well-woman exam?

Once a woman reaches her reproductive years or becomes sexually active, an annual well-woman exam is advisable.

The purpose of the exam is to monitor a woman’s gynecological health and track changes in the body. The exam also offers women the opportunity to ask questions, discuss specific symptoms, or talk about anything that relates to sexual or reproductive health.

The well-woman exam is often called a pelvic exam or an annual. Sometimes a primary care provider can conduct a well-woman exam, but many women prefer to have the appointment with an OB/GYN, as these physicians are more educated about female reproductive health concerns.

What happens during a well-woman exam?

A well-woman exam includes a variety of different routine tests and services. What happens at each woman’s appointment may be specific to her age, her current health, and her medical needs.

For most women, a well-woman appointment includes:

  • A full pelvic exam
  • Pap smear
  • STD screening
  • Breast health exam
  • Weight and blood pressure measurements

During this appointment, the physician might also discuss the health and regularity of a woman’s menstrual cycle, her fertility, birth control, her mental well-being, and more.

Why should a woman choose an OB/GYN for a well-woman exam?

An expert OB/GYN physician is the best possible person to conduct this type of exam.

A woman’s reproductive health is an essential part of her overall health, and her OB/GYN physician plays a critical role. With this yearly visit, the doctor can detect problems early on that may affect a woman’s fertility, her menstrual cycle, and more.

What can a woman expect after this exam?

After a well-woman exam, your Femcare physician follows up to discuss the results of any tests performed during your visit. The patient might need to take further action or schedule a follow-up appointment for additional tests or services.

If a woman is healthy, she’ll schedule her next well-woman exam for a year later. If she has any symptoms or problems between her annual visits, she can make an appointment to see her OB/GYN at any time.

To make an appointment for a well-woman exam at Femcare Medical Associates, call the office today or request an appointment online using the one-click scheduler.

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