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Pregnancy Specialist

Femcare Medical Associates

OB/GYNs located in Pomona, CA & Ontario, CA

Pregnancy can be an exciting and overwhelming journey for any woman. For women seeking the best obstetrics care in Pomona or Ontario, California, Femcare Medical Associates can help. With a highly skilled team of OB/GYN physicians, the practice offers compassionate and comprehensive pregnancy care, from the time a woman starts planning to the day of delivery. Call or book an appointment online to get the best pregnancy care and guidance.

Pregnancy Q & A

How should a woman plan for a healthy pregnancy?

If a woman is pregnant or plans to become pregnant, it’s crucial for her to choose an OB/GYN physician to help manage her medical care during and after the pregnancy.

Physicians who specialize in obstetrics have extensive training and knowledge about the entire pregnancy process, the necessary tests each woman needs, and how to navigate challenges or obstacles in the pregnancy.

It’s also important for women to discuss with a physician whether or not they want to have a natural childbirth, or if they need to have a C-section. Both options are available at Femcare Medical Associates.

Which pregnancy services are offered?

At Femcare Medical Associates, each woman receives comprehensive care during the entirety of her pregnancy and delivery process. That includes services and care related to:

  • Preconception care: guidance and care regarding the conception process, fertility issues, or pre-pregnancy testing and preparation
  • Prenatal care: routine tests, lab work, ultrasounds, and fetal monitoring during the pregnancy  
  • Delivery: a birthing plan and the care each woman needs during her labor
  • Postpartum: addressing any concerns a woman has after delivery, like breastfeeding and contraception

At Femcare Medical Associates, women can find an OB/GYN physician who's a partner throughout the entire pregnancy journey and beyond. Women will receive personalized care and a team that is skilled in both low-risk and high-risk pregnancies.

What happens with a high-risk pregnancy?

The Femcare Medical Associates physicians are completely capable of managing high-risk pregnancies, which are more likely in women over the age of 35 or in women who have certain medical conditions, like gestational diabetes.

The physicians may partner with perinatologists to optimize the management of high-risk pregnancies.

A high-risk pregnancy may involve more frequent appointments, specific tests, or additional lab work to ensure that both mother and baby are healthy during the entire pregnancy and labor process.

If your risks are noted to be too complex, you may be transferred to a higher level care facility.

What can a woman expect after pregnancy?

The Femcare Medical Associates physicians help each woman navigate the sometimes challenging transition between labor and a new life with a baby. They can help women choose a pediatric physician for the child, and they will continue to monitor the mother’s care after delivery.

Whether a woman chooses to have more children in the future or not, an OB/GYN at Femcare Medical Associates can support her reproductive and gynecologic health before, during, and after her pregnancy journey.

To request an appointment today, call or request online using the one-click scheduling system.

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