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Vaginal Dryness Specialist

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Changes in the female body from menopause, childbirth, or aging can lead to uncomfortable vaginal dryness. To end the irritation, itching, and pain today, visit Femcare Medical Associates at their Pomona or Ontario, California locations. With treatments that address the unique needs of the female body, the expert OB/GYN specialists help women balance their hormones and reverse the symptoms of vaginal dryness. If you're ready to end vaginal dryness, call or book online today to schedule your appointment.

Vaginal Dryness Q & A

What causes vaginal dryness?

With age, estrogen levels in the female body decline. For many women, this hormonal shift leads to a variety of symptoms, one of them being vaginal dryness.

Without normal levels of estrogen, the vagina can lose moisture and elasticity, which can lead to irritation and pain during intercourse, while wearing tight-fitting clothing, or during exercise and activity.

When vaginal dryness is unrelated to hormonal shifts, it may develop as a result of specific hygiene practices, like douching, or as a side effect of taking certain medications.

How is vaginal dryness treated?

One of the most effective therapies for vaginal dryness is the MonaLisa Touch® laser system. An FDA-cleared treatment, the MonaLisa Touch utilizes the power of a fractional laser to stimulate the growth of vaginal tissue and reestablish the ideal conditions for moisture and lubrication in the vagina.

This therapy can prevent and reverse declining levels of estrogen in vaginal tissue, which leads to fewer symptoms and, for many patients, improved sexual satisfaction.

Besides the MonaLisa Touch therapy, a Femcare Medical Associates physician might recommend other treatment methods to help eliminate vaginal dryness, including:

  • Estrogen creams, tablets, or rings
  • Non-hormonal moisturizers and lubricants
  • Dietary or lifestyle changes

At Femcare Medical Associates, care begins with a comprehensive health assessment. Since each patient is unique, each patient’s care is customized to meet specific goals and to provide symptom relief.

What results does vaginal dryness treatment produce?

When it comes to vaginal dryness, sometimes more than one medical treatment is needed to eradicate symptoms and provide lasting relief. At Femcare Medical Associates, the physicians might recommend several methods to help treat vaginal dryness.

With MonaLisa Touch therapy, most women experience an immediate improvement in their symptoms after just one session. For best results, most women can benefit from several initial treatments and yearly maintenance treatments.

To support vaginal health at home, women should avoid using harsh soaps, douching, or products that might irritate the sensitive skin.

To end vaginal dryness today, request an appointment with Femcare Medical Associates through the online scheduling system or call the office now.

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